The Modern Tow Bar

Since 1998 all tow bars produced for M class passenger vehicles have had to be European Type Approved. This means that they have to be designed to mount to the homologated points provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

Once the initial tow bar design for a vehicle is made it has to undergo a punishing test on a stress tensile testing machine and endure two million cycles at forces input at loadings calculated for the car. These tests can, depending on the specific test machines being used, take many hours to complete and are overseen and certified in the UK by the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency).

Once a tow bar design has passed its test without any fatigue or stress cracks, it is passed by the VCA, given an approval number and this, along with other important information, is always marked on a type approved tow bar. This information makes each tow bar totally traceable as is required by the police and MOT testing stations.

Lifetime Guarantees


Tow bar manufacturers who carry out full and monitored testing as described above, will usually offer conditional lifetime guarantees on their products and these are the only ones EECO will use to fit to your car. Get in touch with us to find out the best tow bar for your car.

EECO were at the forefront of tow bar design and testing when carrying out consultation with Ford Motor Co. back in the 1970s and continued, when it became mandatory back in the late nineties, using Dutch testing facilities before joining with an established major UK manufacturer for dual approvals.

Reliable Towing Equipment


Having this huge knowledge as one of the UK's longest standing manufacturers, makes EECO now one of the most reliable fitters of towing equipment regarding choice of bar, guarantee and procedures used. Get us to fit your tow bar for total peace of mind. Call us today, or send us an email, and we'll be happy to help.


There are three main types of tow bar available today, all are available to be supplied and fitted by us. All have sub structures which mount as described above to designated points on the vehicle and most require the removal and refitting of the rear bumper. It is basically how they exit the back of the car that the customer has to make the choice.


Usually the fitting time and work involved is the same for all types with the difference in cost being based only on the type of bar specified.

EECO recommend your towing equipment is never fitted mobile no matter how convenient it may appear as we maintain it cannot be done out of the back of a van. Fitting times vary greatly and sometimes can be over three hours, the bumper and trim needed to be removed from your car can be extensive and this, along with the necessary wiring, needs to be carried out in a dedicated fitting bay.


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