Detachable Tow Bars

Detachable tow bars are growing massively in popularity and have resulted in most makers now (even the UK ones) having a detachable option available alongside their other types when making for a new car.


The Best Choice


This increase in popularity, and resulting availability, has been driven by the amount of bike carriers that are being used thus necessitating the fitting of a tow bar and road lighting electrics. On modern cars with large wrap around colour coded rear bumper and valance assemblies, there is no doubt that the detachable tow bar is by far the best choice.


In most cases, especially in the vertical detachable versions, the tow bar and electrics are totally hidden when not in use. The neck mechanisms are extremely easy to operate, lock when in use to prevent theft and are tested to the nose weights and towing limits specific to the car.

Dedicated and experienced caravanners are now specifying this type of tow bar more and more and in some cases a flange detachable option is available giving the advantages of the flange bar with the ability to remove the complete tow bar neck and fold away the electrical outlets when not in use.


This type of tow bar is the most expensive to source but if the extra cost over the other alternatives is divided over the period you are keeping your car it is becoming worth it to an ever increasing number of users.


Attractive Prices


Call us at EECO today – we are able to offer very attractive prices on detachable tow bar systems sourced from manufacturers such as Westfalia, Witter and PCT Prestige, for example.